Hi my name's Bianca! I'm 16 years old. I am a huge Anime and Avatar fangirl! Enjoy my blog!

My fandoms: A:TLA, TLOK, Fairy Tail, Kamisama Kiss, Sword Art Online, Maid Sama, Sukitte Ii Na Yo, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Lovely Complex, Ouran High School Host Club, and Star Trek (2009)

My ships: Makorra, Irosami, Kataang, Tokka, TomoexNanami, KiritoxAsuna, Edwin, Royai, Nalu, Gruvia, Gale, Grayza, MeixYamato, UsuixMisaki, and TamakixHaruhi

I currently live in the US. My birthday is October 24. You should also check out my YT channel in the link below! I'm an AMV editor!

"The fate of the world rests on your shoulders."

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My problem isn’t that my favorite characters aren’t real, it’s that I’m not fictional.

atla/lok ver. inspired by this post

The various reactions of the Gaang while watching ‘The Boy in the Iceberg’ 

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He lives in you, he lives in me. He watches over everything we see. Into the waters, into the truth… in your reflection, he lives in you.

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I’ll always love you, Korra.
         And I’ll always love you.

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It’s hard looking for someone so small. So don’t leave my side.

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